Black is the new Black!

Hello, my darlings near and far.  It’s your favorite fashionista, Gracie, bringing you the latest trends from around the globe. This spring and summer, Robin and I have researched, we’ve sourced, and we’ve shopped. Believe me my pets, it hasn’t been easy looking fabulous in the sweltering heat.

There is so much fashion news to report I can hardly contain myself. And dear ones you are hearing it from me first… Black is the New Black. Of course, it is. Was there any doubt! Well apparently -- there must have been.  Just ask the Hollywood producers who thought they could convince us “Orange is the New Black.”  None of my stylish friends would ever be caught hum…. even walking their dog….in an orange jumpsuit. ‘Mon Dieu!”

My loves, our travels have taught me there is one absolute in the world of inspired attire -- the Little Black Dress will always be the LBD.  Not pink, not blue and most certainly not orange (so sorry Tinsel Town). I say, if you must have a little color in your lives do it with panache. A smashing red or art-inspired print top over an amazing black pant. Think graphic design and splashes of bold color anchored by – you guessed it – black.  

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