Fit As A Fiddle

Ladies, ladies, ladies…who knew the Dog Days of summer would bring out my inner beast. You must pardon the pun dear ones, but I’ve been feeling unusually frisky of late. I’ve been walking and smelling the roses with a new spring in my step. Even with temperatures approaching triple digits, I have embarked on a self-improvement program (even Gracie can use a touch-up every now and then).

Yes darlings, it is true, no more Sausages for me. I’m eating clean. A little portion of green beans, a little dab of peas – Viola! – a full-figured girl no more. In fact, lovies, I’m rocking a leotard. Mon dieu! I’ve even resurrected my leg warmers, queued up the theme from Flashdance and beat Jane Fonda at her own game.

I’m a slimmer version of me (isn’t my picture adorable?). I’m fit and fabulous.  Dare I say, I’m hot – No, I am serious – I’m really, really hot!!!

Until we see you again, stay cool and don’t forget to stay in touch on Facebook and on the Well Read website.  We miss you and can’t wait until return to us.  Au Revoir!

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