My Best in Show


As the song goes, Tony Bennett left his heart in San Francisco, but I, my darlings left mine in NYC. The story is almost too painful to tell, but tell you I must. Gracie shares all with her ladies.


Where do I begin...I was in New York for The Coterie Show, looking for new fashion lines and surveying the fall collections of those designers you love so well. Riding down the elevator in my hotel (I so needed coffee) I happened to meet an adorable young thing named Honore. She was competing in Westminster Kennel Club's huge show at Madison Square Garden that very day. Before you know it, somewhere between the 10th floor and lobby, she invited me to the final night's competition. I would actually get to see several Group Finals as well as Best in Show. Naturally that is a designation usually reserved for Gracie, but this was a chance to see the real thing. How could I possibly resist -- the lights, cameras -- thousands of adoring fans. Mon dieu! 


Thank goodness I had my Alembika camouflage coat from last season. It was freezing, but I was undaunted. Spoiler Alert - Alembika was previewing animal print coats for its Fall/Winter 2020 Collection. So chic!


After two full days at the Coterie, the next evening arrived. After a quick mani/pedi, I change into my favorite Byron Lars sheath (impeccable as it is). Down the elevator I go, hail a cab, and without a moment to spare I dash to The Garden. I take my seat just as the lights dim and the parade of champions begins. Never in my life have I seen so many well-groomed canines and they were so well behaved. I'm afraid I'm much too independent to pose on command. You know this about Gracie my ladies. It's just who I am.


I digress, so I'm patiently surveying the scene as we go from hounds to toys to terriers and then it happens or should I say -- then he happens -- a golden retriever named Daniel. The crowd erupts and so did I. He was magnificent and I was breathless. I fantasized I would meet him after the show and we would jet off into the sunset -- Gracie and Daniel, my very own Best in Show. 


He was wildly handsome and well-mannered. His coat glistened. And being of the Golden Retriever persuasion -- so very nice. But after much poking, prodding, running and posing, alas, it wasn't meant to be. No huge silver trophy, no blue ribbon, no Best in Show -- it went to the Pom-Pom poodle. She was full of herself if you ask me. 


Leaving the arena, dejected and heartbroken, my fantasy ruined, I couldn't help but think that nice is vastly underrated these days.


Maybe next year Daniel. 


All my love.


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