Sparkle Darling Sparkle

As a perennial lover of bright and shiny objects, this holiday season is giving this fashion maven the giggles. You dear ones know – surely you must – that my sparkling personality is matched only by the glitter on my tutu. It effervesces – my personality and the tutu -- with joy and anticipation of the next event on my social calendar.

From Tea at the Ritz to cocktails with the girls, I find that one can never have too much shimmer. For heaven’s sake, I have even been known to sport some sparkles when I’m taking my afternoon walk down Fifth Avenue – yes, that would be the one in Naples.

Just to indulge my obsession with sequins and such, Robin has brought in jeweled tops and bottoms and glittering baubles. She has even paired them all with (my personal favorite) red, red, and even more red! That color takes me back in time and stirs memories of Argentina, the bullfighter and… ah! but I digress.

Back to the glittering baubles… A new line of Turkish delights…earrings, necklaces and bracelets have landed. I couldn’t take my eyes off them even for a glass of prosecco much less a bone.

So, my ladies, 2018 has been such a spectacular year for me – I rescued Robin and my Grandma Nell. They are so happy I have come into their lives. I also have my store family. They are so lovely. And you my darlings, without you Well Read wouldn’t be the same.

I wish you a wonderful holiday season and my darlings – don’t forget to sparkle!

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